• Coinbase Is a Leading Cryptocurrency Exchange

    Coinbase is a leading cryptocurrency exchange and crypto wallet service that allows you to use its non-custodial wallet on your mobile or computer. Coinbase let you use the wallet on your Windows or Mac with the help of the browser extension. This extension can be found on the CoinbaseWallet.com/download page and installed on a trusted browser of your device. But make sure that you have the password or seed phrase details of your wallet as you will be asked to provide it on the login page. Now, without making any delay, you need to approach the quick sections of this post.

    Method to access Coinbase extension on your Mac

    The quick steps that are given below will help you to set up the Coinbase extension on your Mac:

    1. Open a trusted web browser on your Mac

    2. Using the search bar, go to the https://www.coinbase.com/wallet page
    3. From this site, navigate yourself to the ‘Download Wallet’ button and click on it
    4. Once you click on this button, you will be taken to the extension store of your browser
    5. Now, click the ‘Add to browser’ button and wait for a while
    6. Then, launch the extension on your Mac and head to the password field
    7. Review the password and then you need to click the ‘Unlock’ button
    8. Finally, you will be logged in to your Coinbase Wallet account

    The procedure to access Coinbase Wallet on your Windows

    Users who have set up their Coinbase Wallet account need to approach the steps that are given below to access the wallet on a Windows PC or laptop:

    1. Launch a browser on your Windows PC and then you need to visit the Coinbase.com/wallet page
    2. On this page, you will get the ‘Download’ button, click on it to proceed
    3. Now, get to the browser’s extension store and choose the ‘Add to browser’ option
    4. After that, open the Coinbase extension on your device and type the password details
    5. Now, you need to cross-check the password and click the ‘Unlock’ button
    6. Finally, you have accessed the Coinbase Wallet account


    To sum up, accessing the Coinbase Wallet account on a computer is easy and quick. You can also do so by installing the Coinbase extension on your Windows or Mac. Whenever you are asked, provide the password or recovery phrase details to access your wallet. For your help, we have concluded some simple steps above on this page to access the wallet account on your computer. Make sure to use correct and valid login details to avoid errors.